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CareerBranches works with clients around the world by collaborating virtually – by email, phone, instant message and skype.

Currently based in Europe (the Netherlands), CareerBranches was founded in New York City and we still have a P.O. Box and local phone number there where you can reach us:

P.O. Box 330, Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone : 718.971.6356


“I was about to be let go by my employer. Even though this was as a direct result of the economy, I still felt embarrassed. And overwhelmed.

I enlisted Ilona’s resume and job search coaching services to help me get a new job faster.

I remember Ilona tried to impress upon me that this lay-off could very well be a blessing in disguise. First I didn’t believe her. I had bills to pay! And a double mortgage. I could only see the financial consequences and because of that, wasn’t even sure if I should hire her. I’m glad I did! Ilona coached me on how to discover my skills and strengths and how to showcase them on my resume. She also taught me how to perform an effective job search, how to interview well, and how to negotiate my salary.

Just going through the worksheets Ilona provided boosted my confidence as it made me realize all the things I had achieved throughout my career that I had taken for granted.

Ilona gave me mental support, structure, and tools, and it made me feel like I was not alone in this. In fact, I wasn’t!

I couldn’t believe it, when, within two weeks after finalizing my new resume, a recruiter called me about a position with one of their clients. Turned out that my background was a perfect match! And because my resume was so well constructed, it was easy for me – and for them! – to get through the interviews.

You guessed it – I got the job offer!

It was exactly the type of job we set out to target with my new resume. It’s my dream job – I wanted more responsibility anyway, and it’s with a company which culture fits me much better. On top of this, my total compensation package is better than the one I left behind. I started last month, and so far, it has been a very exciting experience.

Looking back, Ilona was right. It was a blessing in disguise. I am much happier in my new career, am compensated better, and I was even offered another position with my former employer based on the updated and improved resume we put together. Suddenly, they saw me in a different light. I found myself with two positions to choose from.

If you need to make a career change, you can not afford not to hire Ilona. I first thought that I should hold on to any money I was still making, particularly given my financial obligations, but it paid off big time!” ~ Gareth West, Team leader at Biotechnology Firm

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