Do You Have “Too Many” Interests? Are You All Over the Place?

  • Do you hold down a steady job, but are bored out of your mind, as you worry that your life is slipping past you, and your talents go unused?
  • Are you searching for that one thing that will keep you interested and engaged for the rest of your career?
  • Does it seem impossible for you to have a “normal” professional life, where your title reflects what you want to do?’
  • Do you know what you want to do right now, but have such a complex background that just the thought of explaining it to an employer fills you with anxiety and worry?
  • Have you held so many different jobs that you’d need a 10-page resume to list every position, yet your background would only look unfocused to most employers?

If this is you…I have some news for you that you won’t want to miss!

You may be one of those multi-talented, versatile people that I call “Renaissance Personalities,” who need a completely different approach to your career. If you’re a Renaissance Personality/ scanner/multi-passionate person, you will never find just one thing that will satisfy you, and you don’t have to.

You’ve probably been told – by well-meaning family members or friends or even career counselors – to “just pick something and stick with it.” After all, you’re good at so many things, and interested in even more…so whatever you choose will work. Right?

Wrong. That’s not how you’re wired. You thrive on the very versatility that makes you seem out of sync with the job world.

You may be asking, “How do you know that?” As they say, “it takes one to know one.”

My name is Ilona Vanderwoude and I am a Master Resume Writer and career coach – and a Renaissance Personality. I help multi-passionate people like you design a career and a life that fits your unique personality and preferences.

Since I am a Renaissance Personality myself, I know how frustrating it is when “experts” misinterpret your desire to utilize your many skills as lack of focus, when employers don’t understand you (and don’t hire you), when you feel fragmented and ever in a state of chaos.

I also know what it’s like to make peace with this “versatility trait” and create a life  and careers, – note the plural there – on my own terms. This is what motivated me to help multi-talented and multi-passionate people like you come to terms with your unique and varied skill package.

You can have a life on your terms, too, but merely fantasizing about it will not make it happen. To move away from chaos and frustration, you need step-by-step training and mentoring on:
  • How to free yourself from negative “Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none” self images and instead value your Renaissance Personality and talents
  • How to satisfy your many interests, not just 1 or 2
  • How to, never again, feel as if something’s wrong with you for not sticking with something
  • How to write your resume and present yourself to employers
  • How to get un-stuck and start choosing – without having it feel like losing
  • How to “test the water” on new projects so you’re not wasting money, time, and energy without knowing if this new endeavor is right for you
  • How to stay financially afloat…or even thrive
The best way to get started is to get my FREE REPORT: 3 Massive Mistakes Modern-Day ‘Renaissance Personalities’ Make – And How to Avoid Them. You’ll find out once and for all if you are indeed a Renaissance Personality, and if so, how to – unknowingly – stop being in your own way so you can start building on your versatility to create the life you love.

Are you curious what’s possible for you after reading my report?

I invite you to apply for a complimentary, 30-minute Renaissance Breakthrough Session, valued at $123.50.

In this session, I’ll walk you through:

  • Discovering what is unconsciously sabotaging you from living your own Renaissance life
  • Finding ways to get unstuck and going beyond the “choosing=losing” perspective to make decisions that are inclusive and make sense for your life
  • One simple step you can take immediately to get into action

Please note there are a LIMITED NUMBER of these Renaissance Breakthrough Session spots available. To be considered for one of these coveted spots, please email my assistant to let her know you’re interested, and answer a few simple questions she’ll be sending you via email. Once we receive your email with your answers, we will let you know if one of these limited spots is yours!

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