I have used CareerBranches throughout the years and I’m extremely happy with this company’s service, especially with Ms. Ilona Vanderwoude who is not only highly professional but a beautiful person as well. Ilona is up to date with all current trends in the employment field – she will not only help you with your resume but give you the best advice on the job search and situation in the job market. If you would like to approach your job search the right way, do it with Ilona and you will be successful as well.
Irina Ilina


One of the most useful things I learned from Ilona was to not look at multiple career paths as a bad thing, but rather to market myself better, as someone with many useful skills, that can adapt to any situation. With new perspective, I’m looking in some new directions, and am excited about my future again! Thanks!
Carli Comm, (photographer, video producer, author, and of course Renaissance Person)


To find a TRULY talented resume writer who will approach a resume renaissance project as a pure act of teamwork is a gift, and Ilona Vanderwoude, MRW, is such a resume writer.
Liz Alexander-Asher


One of the many useful things about this series was that we had a chance to have our specific questions answered. I can already see positive changes happening in my life as I implement the things I learned in Ilona’s class, and I highly recommend this series to other Renaissance Personalities as a good starting point to building a more satisfying life.


I had no idea how to go about conducting a job search – there is so much to it! After coaching with Ilona I felt ready to start job hunting. She gave me lots of practical tips and we worked hard, focusing on increasing my chances for a great job.

It paid off: I recently landed a position as president at the company of my choice.

Ilona’s coaching is really a small investment for a potential huge return. Her style is business-like but at the same time friendly, and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to speed up their job search.
Anonymous, President of a middle-sized metal processing company in the Northeast.


Ilona is passionate at what she does, and it shows in the excellent quality in every aspect of her work. She knows the market, and she knows how to write a resume that accentuates your strengths, polishes them, and places them where she knows they’ll be spotlighted by the person reading your resume. In short, I would recommend Ilona without reservations to anyone, and in fact, I do.
Matt Johnson


The career training Ilona offered was above my expectations. I particularly appreciated the fact that she found ways to highlight my experiences in a manner I would not have thought of.

The new resume, the interview training, and all the other advice made me feel more prepared and confident. I would highly recommend Ilona to anyone who wants to do a professional job search.
Leila S.


I wanted to say “thank you” and to compliment you on the outstanding work that you have done for me over the last two weeks. I am so pleased with what you have done with my resume. You made the process seem easy, but I know how much effort it takes to put together such a fine product. In shaping my resume the way that you did, you helped me to see and appreciate the value of my accomplishments in a whole new way.

The cover letters were the coup de grace. I was overwhelmed! They were both so awesome I wanted to hire me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your communication with me during my resume and cover letter preparation, helped my confidence level to soar. Throughout the process I found you to be flexible and considerate. You have a wonderful ability to listen, capture the essence of what is said, and restate it in the most powerful way.

I learned so much during our interviewing preparation and practice sessions. Your coaching helped me to recall many important and relevant work related experiences and examples. Your instruction on how to structure my answers to underscore my strengths and tie my experiences to the job requirements will no doubt serve me very well during my upcoming interviews.

Ilona, you are a real gem. I have already recommended you to several of my friends and family. And I can’t wait to share the news of my success with you when I am offered the job of my dreams!
Susan S.


If it wasn’t for the résumé and cover letter Ilona wrote for me, I wouldn’t have gotten a job. It had been years since I put my résumé together and I knew that resumes had changed a lot since then. I was referred to Ilona and after she finished my résumé, I realized I could never have done it myself –the content, the wording and the look are all very professional. I felt great when one evening I found a message on my answering machine from the Chairperson at Berkeley saying ‘We love your résumé, please come in for an interview!’ Guess what; I got the job – it’s exactly what I was looking for!
A. Augoustatos


Ilona is a natural career coach. She blends intelligence, warmth, exceptional listening skills and good humor into her coaching. She helped to confirm many thoughts I’d had about how to address my polymath nature in my career plans, as well as provided some additional insights and details that I had not previous considered. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone with a renaissance personality or who simply wants advice from a coach adept at finding creative solutions tailored to your desires.
Luis Reinoso


Ilona’s analysis of my skills provided a resume for me the was primarily instrumental in getting 3 jobs in a down economy – and I’m over 50 years old! That’s really special.
Fred Stohl


Having been taught in college how to write a resume, I thought I knew what I was doing…boy was I wrong. Ilona really knows what she is talking about. The quality and depth of her expertise is immediately recognizable and so refreshing. She is not just another resume writer, but stands head and shoulders above a sea of mediocrity.

Ilona also has a very caring way with people, and I think that really puts her over the top for me. She told me what I needed to hear, yet with just the right touch. She is able to extract a person’s qualities and present them clearly to a prospective employer. I think that her unique qualities make her perfectly suited for the service she provides – a real pleasure to work with.

It is abundantly obvious that Ilona is both very passionate and highly competent regarding her profession. She went above and beyond my expectations of value. She is a rare breed indeed, and I am very, very thankful to have found her. I look forward to using her services on an ongoing basis.
Sargon Zia

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