Are you making this critical mistake in your career transition?

Are you putting two and two together and ending up with a big mess? This is what I’m talking about: some of you think you need to turn your renaissance personality into a brand when you’re changing jobs or careers. WRONG! Let’s separate the two (renaissance personality and personal brand): A renaissance personality is just […]

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Did you have a positive role model as a renaissance personality when growing up?

If so: who was this and what was the effect on your life?

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Changing Careers? Zigzag Your Way Into New Territory! The Real Story of a Career Changer and Renaissance Woman

Career changers and renaissance folks alike always ask me: “How do I change paths without having to begin at the bottom all over again?” Annoyingly, as with most things careers related; it depends. Clearly, if you want to become a doctor, you’ll have to go to med school and start from scratch. A lawyer: back […]

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