Do You Say This?

“No one hires during the Holidays.” I hear this quite often. Yet it’s not true. In fact, because this seems such a stubborn myth, you can be assured of less competition! Here are some tips to make the most of your quest during the last few weeks of the year: Employers may be easier to […]

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I want to clear up some confusion I hear out there about what a renaissance personality really is.

How so, you ask? Well, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and I’ve been picking up some chatter I feel needs clarification – fast! Basically, I heard some interpretations of the renaissance personality concept that made me worry whether there are more folks walking around with the same thoughts. Here’s what I’m hearing.. […]

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Uncover the Common Thread in Your Renaissance Life. (So you feel less "random" and others "get" you as well.)

Meet Maria Ross! Maria (no, not the same Maria from last week!) is a brand and marketing consultant with her own business ( But of course that’s not all. She is also an author and an actor. And an animal advocate. Maria is a fellow renaissance woman whom I met last year when I hired […]

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How to Look For a Job Without Saying So

February 10, 2010 | job searching,networking | Tags: , , , | Written by: admin

Here is part 3 in my series on networking. This week’s article is by Kevin Kermes of Build the Career You Deserve. Follow along with his client’s networking experience so you can model her at your next event! How to Look For a Job Without Saying So A coaching client came to me with an opportunity […]

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Networking for Career Changers and “Renaissance Personalities”

Here is part 2 in my networking series; a guest blog by my friend and self-proclaimed “reluctant networker” Katherine Moody. Katherine is the founder of and has a true renaissance career. She pulled this off with networking strategies she developed herself that are truly doable. In this article, she is sharing her tips that […]

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Networking: The Real (Or)Deal!

Networking is sizzling hot. It’s through networking that you’ll most likely land your next job. Networking helps you find leads in a new company or industry. Networking helps you get informational interviews, and lets you tap into the hidden job market. And now there’s online networking. Social and business networking sites galore. For those of […]

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Today’s Competitive Job Market – Part 2 of 2

January 21, 2010 | Uncategorized | Tags: , , , , | Written by: admin

In part 1 of “How to make your resume stand out in a crowded job market,” I talked about the resume itself and the 3 key components your resume needs to capture a decision maker’s attention. Just to recap, these 3 factors were … making sure your resume: 1 – Is branded 2 – Is […]

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Today’s Competitive Job Market – Part 1 of 2

January 20, 2010 | Career,online job search,resume writing | Tags: , , , | Written by: admin

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or getting yourself ready just in case; you wonder how to get your resume noticed in today’s competitive environment. So how do you stand out in a sea of competition – often equally qualified candidates? The answer is two-fold: –         By knowing the 3 must-haves to include […]

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