Are you making this critical mistake in your career transition?

Are you putting two and two together and ending up with a big mess? This is what I’m talking about: some of you think you need to turn your renaissance personality into a brand when you’re changing jobs or careers. WRONG! Let’s separate the two (renaissance personality and personal brand): A renaissance personality is just […]

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Renaissance Rehab™

You heard me. “Renaissance Rehab™.” It’s my process I use for renaissance personalities who just found out that’s what they are and who have been struggling to create a life (and career) that fits their unique persona. Let me explain.. For starters: it’s about being ok with yourself. Very basic, but pivotal. Next, it’s about […]

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I want to clear up some confusion I hear out there about what a renaissance personality really is.

How so, you ask? Well, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and I’ve been picking up some chatter I feel needs clarification – fast! Basically, I heard some interpretations of the renaissance personality concept that made me worry whether there are more folks walking around with the same thoughts. Here’s what I’m hearing.. […]

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Do You Have the Basics in Place?

Sometimes I like to talk about topics that may not seem related to your career and job transitions and all those things. That’s because I think holistically. Renaissance personalities especially deal with so many different things that putting these in a larger perspective comes naturally to us, don’t you agree? I want to talk about […]

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What Do You Do When You Hate To Network?

My networking series went AWOL for a little while, but it’s back with a vengeance! Here is part 5. Tom Dezell is back with another guest blog. Remember my piece from the other day about limiting beliefs? Tom addresses them from the perspective of networking. Important stuff, folks! Here goes.. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN […]

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Are Limiting Beliefs Playing Tricks on You?

Every so often, the topic of “assumptions” pops up in my mind. You know, the whole mindset thing. The limiting beliefs demon. And whenever it does, it reminds me how powerful yet subtle it is. The sneaky thing is that you may not even be aware of the fact you’re holding limiting beliefs. Why does […]

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Uncover the Common Thread in Your Renaissance Life. (So you feel less "random" and others "get" you as well.)

Meet Maria Ross! Maria (no, not the same Maria from last week!) is a brand and marketing consultant with her own business ( But of course that’s not all. She is also an author and an actor. And an animal advocate. Maria is a fellow renaissance woman whom I met last year when I hired […]

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Changing Careers? Zigzag Your Way Into New Territory! The Real Story of a Career Changer and Renaissance Woman

Career changers and renaissance folks alike always ask me: “How do I change paths without having to begin at the bottom all over again?” Annoyingly, as with most things careers related; it depends. Clearly, if you want to become a doctor, you’ll have to go to med school and start from scratch. A lawyer: back […]

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Networking and Its Place in the Hiring Process

February 17, 2010 | job searching,networking | Tags: , , , , | Written by: admin

Part 4 in my networking series is by Tom Dezell. He explains how networking fits into the bigger picture of your job search and the employer’s hiring process. If this article doesn’t turn you into a “networking convert,” I don’t know what will! Networking and Its Place in the Hiring Process A big reason job […]

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How to Look For a Job Without Saying So

February 10, 2010 | job searching,networking | Tags: , , , | Written by: admin

Here is part 3 in my series on networking. This week’s article is by Kevin Kermes of Build the Career You Deserve. Follow along with his client’s networking experience so you can model her at your next event! How to Look For a Job Without Saying So A coaching client came to me with an opportunity […]

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