Welcome to the Anniversary Specials! We’re celebrating the 10-year existence of CareerBranches with special deals that were developed together with you – my supportive followers and clients.

Check them out below….they’re good through June 2012!

Renaissance Resource Special – Free copy of Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to Choose”

Even though Renaissance Personalities/scanners share many of the same challenges, their situations and preferences are always unique. You guys need individual attention.

That’s why I decided not to create a one-size-fits-all special for this special bunch. Of course, there’s already the Renaissance Strategy Session special that is now available for $175 vs. $247. In addition, I am gifting everyone that signs up for one of my renaissance services –whether it’s resume development or coaching – Barbara Sher’s book “Refuse to Choose” that is dedicated entirely to “scanners.” (If you already own it, we’ll get you another title that shouldn’t be missing from your shelves.)

Renaissance Strategy Session – Normal Fee: $247. Anniversary Special: $175

Grab your session while you can and before my schedule fills up. These sessions fill up fast so email Julie today at assistant@CareerBranches.com to reserve your spot.

All Strategy Sessions are recorded. They will be emailed to you as part of our service so you can listen to your session again and again.

Is this for you?

The Renaissance Strategy Session is for you if you are a multi-passionate, multi-talented“Renaissance Personality” (or “scanner” as Barbara Sher calls us). If your interests are all over the map and you are quickly bored by jobs and activities, this is probably you.

Whether you just discovered that this is you and you want to figure out what’s next, or you have been trying on your own to no avail to shape your renaissance life, help is on the way!

What Is It About?

In a session that lasts up to one hour, you will talk to a career expert (moi!) who understands your personality. Where most career coaches will urge you to “just pick any one of your passions and you’ll be fine,” we will talk about the many ways you can create an unconventional career and life. We’ll talk about what YOU really want and look at ways to make it happen – the possibilities are endless!

Or we’ll talk about time management for the Renaissance Personality.

It’s about any topic you bring to the table to help you move your renaissance life forward.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

Depending on what you will bring to the session, you could get more clarity about your specific type of Renaissance Personality, or you could get ideas on how to combine your passions.

Maybe you finally decide on your first steps towards something you always wanted to do (I’ll hold you to it!) or we come up with alternative ways to satisfy your many interests.

Some clients ask for – and get – specific tips with regard to their job search and presentation. “What not to do when interviewing as a Renaissance Personality,” for example. Or how to structure your renaissance resume.

Yet others walk away with more appreciation for who they are and are better able to accept their unique personality.

Or maybe you’ll feel energized and inspired to do some research into options you’d never thought of before…

I’d love to hear what YOU get out of your session! So, afterwards, please tell me what was most valuable to you, ok?

What Else Will You Get? (aka: “But Wait…There’s More!”)

When you schedule a Renaissance Strategy Session, you will be emailed a pre-session questionnaire so I can get more familiar with you, your current situation, and your goals – or the lack thereof – that’s totally fine too. Whatever is in your head; confusion, questions, ideas, inspiration…I want to hear about it so I know where you’re coming from when we have our session.

And, as I already mentioned, you will receive the recording of your session so you can listen to it again and again. And again. If you want.

Career Strategy Session – Normal Fee: $247. Anniversary Special: $175

Is This For You?

Have you been on the fence about a full-fledged resume project or long-term coaching?

Or do you just need that little push to forward your transition? 

Have you always wanted to pick a career expert’s brain to check if you’re on the right path and get your most pressing questions answered – one-on-one?

If so, this is the perfect solution for you!

What Is It About?

In a session of up to one hour, we focus on your most pressing resume or career-related

We can brainstorm together, devise a basic job search plan, look at your
resume, figure out your priorities – you decide!

Here are some ideas for your Career Strategy Session:

  • Outline your career change plan so you know “what” you’re going to do and “when” you should be doing it.

  • Figure out how – and where – to spend your time searching for your next job or career.

  • Come up with a professional networking strategy, along with easy ways to get started.

  • Review your digital identity and how it helps or hurts your career development. And what you can do to improve it.

  • Get personalized, one-on-one coaching with me on your road blocks to your new career, or your PERCEIVED road blocks – with on-the-spot solutions you probably never thought of!

  • Go over your résumé and cover letter in detail with quick tips you can implement right away.

  • Or simply bring your own questions and topics to the table!

The goal is to get you moving forward quickly so make sure to bring your biggest question(s) and be ready for some fast-track brainstorming and coaching!

What Else Will You Get? (aka: “But Wait…There’s More!”)

The session is recorded so you can listen to it over and over again to make sure you didn’t miss any pointers.

You will also get:

  • A Self-Evaluation Resume Checklist – to see how your resume is holding up in today’s job market.

  • A Career Transition Checklist – are you truly prepared to take the leap?

  • A Pre-Session Questionnaire – so we’re not strangers when we speak.

What are you waiting for? If you could use a loving kick in the pants, email Julie at assistant@CareerBranches.com and I will speak with you soon!

The-Fun-Starts-At-50-Special – Free 50-minute group coaching session, 5 people max.

(Also for those who are trying to get off welfare or off disability or getting back into the workforce after a long hiatus. Join the club!)

Ok. I totally get that for many of you, the 50+ landscape isn’t looking all that funny. That’s why you all wrote to me about a special for this special bunch. 50+ and effected by job cuts.

However, eternal optimist that I am, I firmly believe you can always start over, or make something of a challenging situation. That’s based on the experiences of many 50+ clients of mine.

The key to their success? Networking!

So here’s the deal: I’ll hold a maximum of 2 free, 50-minute sessions per month for the rest of the year. Dates and times will be announced on FaceBook and twitter and directly to those who indicate their interest. So if you qualify and are interested; email Julie ASAP (assistant@CareerBranches.com) to secure your spot!

Each group will have a maximum of 5 people, and you each get 50 seconds to ask me your most burning question. I will answer you AND leave room for everyone in the group to brainstorm and network. It’s the power of collective ideas and connections!

The Customer Loyalty Anniversary Special – 15% off

Even though I already offer great savings on packages vs. a la carte services, I want to honor Mary’s request who asked for a customer loyalty special. However, 50% off resume-writing services will jeopardize my mortgage payments. So here’s what I came up with…

If you engage CareerBranches’ services and come back within one year for more, you receive 15% off any service you purchase, whether it’s a la carte or a package.

Mary then asked: “Also, if we refer additional people during the year who opt to purchase either the Renaissance Strategy, Resume writing or Career Strategy services then possibly offer 15% off another service?”

Mary: wish granted…you got it! And everyone else who refers a new client.

The Expat Special – 10% off any service …a la carte or packaged

If you want to work abroad as an expat or if you are currently an expat looking to repatriate, this one is for you!

That’s all. Inspired by a client who is looking to move back to his home country and make a career change going after his dream job. When I hear those words, how can I resist?

Family Anniversary Special – 10% off for each partner

If you and your partner sign up for CB services at the same time, you both receive 10% off your total investment. It doesn’t matter whether one of you wants a resume and coaching package and the other just a new LinkedIn profile.

I’m simply rewarding going it together with your significant other, and lightening the financial investment at the same time.

Burnt-By-Another-Resume-Writing-Firm-Special – 20% off

For all of you who have recently paid – and been burnt by – another resume-writing firm, take 20% off your total project investment so you can still get it done right…the second time around!

My normal fee range for from-scratch-resumes including cover letters is $995 – $1,595+.

(Note: I am a firm believer in resolving issues and misunderstandings with the original writer, so please try that route first. And no; I will not mediate between the two of you. : )

The Renaissance Strategy Session and the Career Strategy Session are also still part of our specials! The deal is: $175 instead of $247.

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