Resumes: The key to your next opportunity

Some like to think that resumes are on their way out.

Yes – the outdated, old-fashioned resume with the “objective” is passé. The resume based on a template with soft skills that aren’t backed up, and the “references available upon request” at the end. The “resumes-should-always-be-just-one-page!” resume.

Flat on its back.

But resumes are still one of your most important career tools. That’s despite the rise of social media and the resulting changes in the way companies recruit and hire – and thus the way you manage your job search.

Of course, you can always find the odd example who was hired without a resume but by submitting a video of themselves reciting the alphabet backwards while doing handstands. Some companies like to be different by “banning” resumes. They always make the news.

Just remember: The vast 99.9% of employers still expects you to be able to produce a resume, whether it’s upfront or later in the hiring process.

What’s different about today’s resumes? may wonder.


When I say “resume,” I think of a broad scope of career documents that skyrocket your odds of landing the job you want.

You can package your brand and the reasons a new employer would salivate to pay you a handsome salary in different formats.

These documents include the good ol’ resume – but with personal brand and a water-tight strategy that instantly tells the reader who they’re dealing with and why they need to pick up the phone to arrange an interview. I mean within a mere 10 seconds.

Then there is, of course, the cover letter – not to be underestimated. And mind you – both your resume and your cover letter need to be able to stand on its own. They can get separated or the letter may not get read. Never count on one of the two picking up the slack for the other. You may miss an opportunity!

Now it gets more exciting.

As a Renaissance Personality, how do you approach the job market?

Designer Resume


Designer Resume and Career Direction Services

CareerBranches is dedicated to helping you plan your strategy, so your many interests and past pursuits come across as an asset. If you are interested in my personal, from-scratch resume-writing services, here are the basics you need to be aware of…

This service is for the person who understands the importance of presentation and distinction. Typically, I work with mid- to senior-level professionals and executives. But I also join forces with clients who work in retail, or in law enforcement, or fashion, or graphic design.

Lots of my clients are changing careers.

We create these resumes through a true collaboration between the 2 of us.

Creating your Designer Resume includes personal branding, worksheets, up to 2 personal phone sessions of 1 hour each, strategizing, and completely crafting your resume and cover letter from scratch, as well as coaching on how to use your new resume.

My turnaround time is between 10 and 20 business days from the day we’ve held our phone session(s). Sometimes I can do it faster – at other times, this is what it is.

My designer resume approach is the Cadillac approach to career and resume development, one that has helped many clients soar in their careers and personal lives.

If you want to explore the best way to stay true to your Renaissance Personality while making a good living, why not apply for a 30-minute  complimentary Renaissance Breakthrough Session to determine what you need and whether my designer resume and career direction approach is right for you? Just email my assistant Denisse at to get started.

You can have your own designer resume for $495 – $1995+. Designer resumes are individually priced based on the complexity, the field you are in (or that you want to enter), years of experience, your level, and then some. To get a personal quote, please email for more information.

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When a Resume is Not the Answer…

These tools are priced provided that we already created a resume for you.  If not, the fee may be higher. Email for more information.

Resume brief
Resume Brief (resume/cover letter combination) ($500)
When a pithy, hard-hitting introduction is called for and a regular resume would be too long or too common. Suitable for senior-level managers and executives.

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Resumes focusing on Leadership and initiative
Leadership initiative/extended summary ($400):
More in-depth than a resume, this is a one pager and shows how you solve problems and focus on your most relevant achievements/skills/success stories.

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Executive bioExecutive bio ($375):Used in networking or as an interview leave-behind. Can also be used in situations where a resume would be too much or too formal.


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Resume Evaluation Services

Let’s be honest. Many people who love Cadillacs drive Kias. That gets them where they want to go quite nicely. If you need resume help, you may be looking for good quality resume help that is more affordable for you.

To meet this need… I am proud to introduce some new services that can help you find your way in the job market by evaluating and suggesting changes for your current resume.  Check out these new services below, starting with my FREE Self-Eval Resume Checklist that will get you thinking. (Just click the link.)

If you buy any of these services and then upgrade to a full package, I will adjust the price on the Designer Resume services.
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Resume rankingResume Ranking – objective feedback & action list ($45):My first offering is a detailed checklist that does double duty as an action list. It ranks your resume on different components and suggests areas to change, based on the most current trends in resume writing. It does not tell you how to make specific changes but offers objective feedback.

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Resume improvementResume Improvement – let’s do it together!($185):My next service level offers a written, multi-page evaluation of your resume (and basic feedback on your cover letter) with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of how you can alter your resume.

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Resume roundupResume Roundup – if you need a more personal touch ($247):I offer a 50-minute Strategy Session by phone in which we discuss your resume (and cover letter, if you want) in detail.


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Quick Help

Emergency email
Emergency Email ($25):
Going on an interview tomorrow and wondering how to deal with your recent gap in work experience? Just need a quick question or 2 answered related to anything about your job search or career management? My “Emergency Email” service, a sort of “Tech Support” for job seekers, can help you!

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Have more questions? Wonder why you should pay for resume evaluation?  Your answer here.

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