Want a peek at something tangible I can do for you?

What you’ll find here is just a small selection of the master-level resumes I have created for my clients over the years.

They’re meant as an example of the high level of quality you can expect when working with me. And, to give you an idea of what effective resumes look like.

By the way: all of these resumes have been selected for inclusion in top-selling careers books. These are featured here.

Did you notice? No templates to be found here!

All samples are different. As they should be.

When you hire me, you get your own, custom-built resume just for you.

The results of these resumes? Check out my “Favorite Testimonials” in the right-side column for what some of my clients have to say.


Senior Education Executive

Communications and Training Specialist

Technology, Product & Business Development Professional

Business Development/Sales & Account Management

Senior Sales Professional


Note: you don’t want to copy these samples..and here’s why:

Well, of course it’s not cool to steal copyrighted material…all that messy cease and desist business over the resume of another client (who gracefully gave permission for us to use his or her resume after changing identifying information….it’s got “bad karma” written all over it!)

But that’s not even the main reason..

Each resume was developed for a specific client, with specific challenges, and with specific goals. The strategy is based on their personal brand, which probably doesn’t have anything to do with your brand, challenges, and wishes. What you end up doing if you simply use someone else’s resume format, is hurting your own chances. It’s like wanting to put on some celebrity’s designer dress without any regard for their size vs. your size, your personal style, the occasion, and your personal coloring. See where I’m going with this?


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