Resources for the multi-talented, modern-day Renaissance Personality (aka “scanner”)

Embrace the new career paradigm – on your own terms! Whether you want to “1099” or freelance or supplement your existing job with projects here and there…check out these sites that allow you to profile your expertise as a freelancer or consultant.

Pursuing these opportunities is also a great way to get your feet wet and try out a possible new direction!

This site lets you profit – yes, financially – not only from your skills, but also your knowledge, perspectives, opinions, and contacts.

Positioned as a global portal for small businesses looking to hire project-based talent, this site invites business owners post their projects and you respond.

As a multi-talented professional, I know you will love this: both Maven Research and Freelancer have projects in any imaginable field. So if you want to leverage your broad skill set – go for it!

Of course, then there’s:

You post your expertise in a way that stands out, and wait for the response from the thousands of businesses who need your talent.

If you’ve had experience with any of these sites, please share – we’d love to hear!

Likewise, if you’ve found other sites you think should be listed here, drop us a line at and we’ll look into including them. Thanks!

Books about “Renaissance Personalities” (or “Renaissance Souls” or “scanners”) and on how to create an amazing life:

I’ve read and enjoyed all of these books myself – some even multiple times! I am sure you will love them too for the ideas and inspiration they provide. Browse…and see which ones speak to you!


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