Resume Ranking – Objective Feedback & Action List

My first offering is a detailed checklist that does double duty as an action list.

Six pages long, the checklist goes over each aspect of your resume and cover letter and rates it “poor,” “fair,” or “excellent ”as to your overall targeted strategy, your summary, your keywords, your responsibilities and achievements, your education and training, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and editing, format and design, and your personal branding.

In the end, you tally your “score” and see how you did. The checklist comes with some basic comments in the end from me as well. It is very in-depth and analytical, but does not contain specific examples of how to change things. This service is for someone who really wants to understand how all the pieces of an effective resume fit together, and who can use the ratings as action points to improve their resume.

With just a tad of creativity, you can minimize the areas where your resume is weak and emphasize those where you are stronger. For example, if you scored “poor” or “fair” on “Placement of job years to best advantage,” you can position your years at a company before the job title if there are no employment gaps, or tuck them at end of employment line if gaps are evident.

What is unique about this checklist is that is gives you objective feedback. These 6 pages are packed full of strong resume and cover letter techniques that every professional resume writer – and hiring manager – will agree on. It’s not just me talking, nor does it reflect my personal preference – something that people often forget when they receive feedback from the next well-meaning colleague, friend, or family member who “also used to hire lots of people.”

The checklist is periodically updated to reflect the latest trends in resume writing.

Investment: $45

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Resume Improvement – let’s do it together!

My next service level offers a written, multi-page evaluation of your resume (and basic feedback on your cover letter) with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of how you can alter your resume.

Instead of an analytical checklist, you receive a document in which I describe in detail what you need to do to improve your resume and how you can do so. This evaluation is more personalized to you, and shows you how to deemphasize your weaknesses and proclaim your strengths. With 2 rounds of going back and forth, it’s almost like rewriting your resume together with me!

Investment: $185

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Resume Roundup – if you need a more personal touch

I offer a 50-minute Strategy Session by phone in which we discuss your resume (and cover letter, if you want) in detail. I will share tips and respond directly to questions or worries you may have about aspects of your background, and how to handle these on your resume. This call can also serve as a confidence booster. You have strengths I can help you showcase! Often, hearing a reassuring voice can help erase your self-doubt so you present your background more effectively. And…you will be prevented from unknowingly making huge resume mistakes that can cost you job opportunities.

Investment: $247

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Executive Bio

Used in networking or as an interview leave-behind. Can also be used in situations where a resume would be too much or too formal.

Investment: $375 – provided we also created your resume. If not, email us together with your current resume for a personal quote.

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Leadership Initiative/Extended Summary

More in-depth than a resume, this is a one pager and shows how you solve problems and focuses on your most relevant achievements/skills/success stories.

Investment: $400 – provided we also created your resume. If not, email us together with your current resume for a personal quote.

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Resume Brief (resume/cover letter combination)

When a pithy, hard-hitting introduction is called for and a regular resume would be too long or too common. Suitable for senior-level managers and executives.

Investment: $500 – provided we also created your resume. If not, email us together with your current resume for a personal quote.

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What if you just have a couple questions?

Going on an interview tomorrow and wondering how to deal with your recent gap in work experience? Just need a quick question or 2 answered related to anything about your job search or career management? My “Emergency Email” service, a sort of “Tech Support” for job seekers, can help you! The cost is only $25 and here is how it works: You submit your payment through PayPal, then you fill in the form on my website and ask your question, and it will be forwarded to me. I will respond within 24 hours – even within the weekends. This is the ONLY work I do on weekends, so it’s also the only way to get a hold of me on a Saturday or Sunday right before that big interview on Monday!

Most likely I will have a few questions for you based on your question, which I will email you. When I have a clear picture of your situation and its context, I will give you my advice. You then get the chance to send me 2 follow-up emails to wrap up your question, which I will answer as well. These follow-up emails need to be about the same initial question. A new question or situation – or a new twist to the original question – requires a new Emergency Email.

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What others are saying…

Julia, Participant of Renaissance seminar series:

This seminar series has been helpful to me in a number of ways. There are peculiar things that we, Renaissance Personalities, may notice about our own characters and our way of operating in daily life that we may not have a word for or that we may unconsciously feel but not quite be able to put our finger on. What Ilona does is use the knowledge accumulated from years of working with RP clients and her own experience of being one and pinpoint those phenomena and tendencies and put them in order for us.

Once we have a better understanding of ourselves, Ilona gives us encouragement and reassurance that our personality type is not an obstacle to success. Then she teaches us how to figure out what we really want (at this time), presents a few viable options of how we can design a life that works for us, and, finally, gives us the tools for achieving that goal. One of the many useful things about this series was that we had a chance to have our specific questions answered. I can already see positive changes happening in my life as I implement the things I learned in Ilona’s class, and I highly recommend this series to other Renaissance Personalities as a good starting point to building a more satisfying life.

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