Being multi-talented and multi-passionate…it sounds like your life would know no problems if this were you, right?

Well… In reality, some multi-talented people (what I call “Renaissance Personalities”) feel awkward about telling their friends and family that their “problem” of not feeling fulfilled in their current career originates in being multi-talented. After all…they reason, if you’re good at so many different things, why not just pick one and stick with it? Other […]

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Optimizing LinkedIn So Hiring Folks Will Find You

Last week, Brian Tietje, Sales Manager for LinkedIn, delivered a presentation on LinkedIn to members of the Human Resources Association of New York networking group. My friendly colleague Barbara Safani from Career Solvers ( was there and kindly shares her 10 take-aways with us: 1. Create a keyword driven summary. Forget about the summaries that […]

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