Takeaways from Barbara Sher’s scanner retreat 2011 France

May 18, 2011 | blog,Career,career change | Written by: admin

During Barbara Sher’s scanner retreat in Puycelsi, France, we spent a lot of time figuring out what our “Wish” was. As Barbara put it: making your wish a reality is the easy part. Finding your wish is the hard part.

And she was right.

Did I find my wish?

You bet. And I’ll let you in on it in due time…  ;  )

For now, some major take-aways from a lady who is refreshingly different, down-to-earth,  funny, and wise.

  • Forget self-improvement

Basically, you don’t need to spend years or – god forbid – decades trying to better yourself before you can go after your dream(s). Most of us are already “better” than we think we are. (Unless you are some arrogant jack*** but most of us scanners aren’t!)

To realize your dreams and goals, you need a support team, a network, and a plan. You don’t need some sort of fearless super personality.

  • You really don’t know what’s possible. You think you do, but you don’t.

Barbara proved this point to us over and over again when someone would come up with some “crazy, out there” wish. For each one of them, she personally knew someone who had realized the same – or a very similar – dream. After a few days, you start to get how limiting your beliefs really are. And how much you limit yourself in dreaming. Most of us limit ourselves with practical objections. But it’s important to first dream big. The “how” of your wish is next.
Then, join an idea party to brainstorm and you’ll get the ideas and contacts you need to turn your wish into reality.

  • You know you found a real, big dream when it makes you scared to pursue it.

Resistance is bound to come up around real, deep wishes. This is normal. Sometimes it’s a warning sign you need to pay attention to, but most often it’s something from the past you just have to deal with. Or not. Acknowledge it, create strategies, and move on regardless. Just realize that it will surface so it won’t catch you off-guard. And don’t let it stop you.

  • Ask yourself what the 1 thing is about your dream you can’t do without.

This part of your wish is always attainable. You just may have to keep it as a hobby or make money off it later on. If you can lighten up about those aspects, you really can fulfill any wish!

What do you think?

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