Freeing Yourself From Blaming Your Parents – Babara Sher's Take

March 23, 2011 | blog,Career,career change,renaissance personality | Written by: admin

“I only wish I figured out I’m a Renaissance Personality a long time ago…”

If there’s one thing I consistently hear newly-found-out Renaissance Personalities say, it is that.

Often, parents are the ones who are then being brought into the mix. How they didn’t understand you. How they pushed you in the wrong directions…

Cue video by Barbara Sher (the Grande Dame of scanners aka RPs) that I recently watched on YouTube. You can see it here:

She talks about how no parent is able to truly understand who you are. “There’s no way of knowing who your children are because they’re not a copy of you,” Barbara says.

When I first saw this video, it gave me a sense of relief, even though I never blamed my parents for not understanding my personality type.

But there’s something reassuring to know that you didn’t – somehow – miss the boat because YOUR PARENTS (for crying out loud…those parents again…don’t they screw us up anyway?) didn’t figure you out when you were young. There could have been no other way.

So I figured that if this video made me feel better, it might definitely help those of you who are walking around with parent issues.

I personally know a few RPs who grew up with RP parents – or at least 1 RP parent. These folks were fortunate not only that their parents are also RPs but that they chose careers that were off the beaten path. Therefore, these people had examples of what life can be like when you make “different” choices.

For the rest of us, it was just plain tough. Right?

We had to figure it all out for ourselves.

That’s also what Barbara is talking about in the video.

What say you?

The video is less than 4 minutes…go watch it! (Barbara’s little doggie’s hooded outfit alone is worth watching the video for!)

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